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5 Reasons for Good Mental Health in Leadership

Why bother with Good Mental Health as a Leader?:   Ever since the Industrial Revolution, Companies, Governments and Organisations world-wide have driven their employees as far, and as hard, as they could, to gain maximum performance for as little cost as legally allowed and often unreasonably possible. By putting company profits as the focus, the […]

3 Ways to quickly stop BURNOUT in your role

Avoid Burnout – 3 easy steps to finding balance Often we give so much of ourselves in an effort to fulfill that inner need for self-worth.    This can quickly lead to BURNOUT and send us down that road to destruction.   This is particularly applicable to our career, especially when in a role such as Frontline […]

MINDFULNESS: An insight into reducing stress

In today’s busy world, it’s no secret that many of us are constantly under pressure and feeling stressed. Whether it be numerous work deadlines due in a tight space of time, financial worries or a copious number of responsibilities, stress can significantly impact our mental health. Mindfulness enables us to bring attention to the present moment, while creating a state of attentiveness and focused relaxation.