Effective Leadership Workshop

Who should attend?

This workshop is a great way to strengthen your managerial and business leadership skills.  Those who have been in a company for a long time and worked their way up, may not necessarily have the skillset to manage and motivate others in their care or under their supervision.   Leading people is a completely different skillset that requires strong communication skills, negotiation and mediation as well as emotional intelligence on how to get the best from others will lifting supporting and energising a team cooperative mentality.    This workshop is designed to develop the Business Leaders, managers, supervisors and frontline shift supervisors of the future.  Anyone with the responsibility of managing another person or people, group or team should attend this course at least once in their career.

Sustainable and Ethical Leadership for future generations

Many of those in Supervisor, Management or Leadership positions are there by chance and have not had training to become an Effective Leader.  Companies can promote individuals from within the organisation because they have been there the longest, or know the technical stuff and so can answer questions, but when it comes to managing people, the job is very difficult as it requires a different skillset to being on the tools or on the front line of the business.

The Effective Leadership Program allows managers and supervisors of all levels, ages and experience to gain valuable insight into how to earn respect and lead the team to kick goals, perform at its peak and reap the rewards and recognition that goes with a high performance operation.

Benefits from attending this workshop

Attendees to this workshop will come away with a range of diverse skills that will enhance their ability to lead a team of different personalities, understanding motivating and demotivating factors with an ability to identify and resolve underlying issues that can impact on staff morale and team cooperation in the real world.  As a leader you will learn how to improve your skills int he following areas:

  • Increased effective communication skills
  • Understanding of Leading Managing and Motivating team members
  • Compliance and Cooperative Work solutions
  • Effective Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking Strategies
  • Self Directed Leadership skills and strengthened Negotiation and Mediation skills
  • Attendance Certification from Crestpoint, with verification of skills learned throughout the day


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Feb 10 2022


All Day

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Feb 09 - 10 2022
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